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    limited Edition box

    Over 50 Characters

    Every Hybrid has his own special Powers and Abilities

    Characters Banner Hybrid Instinct

    100 Hand-painted Levels

    Discover over 100 different Levels with beautiful Artwork

    Hybrid Instinct

    Collect all Magic Fruits

    Unlock special Powers. Like Flying, Swimming, Attacks, Portals.

    Magic Fruits special Attacks
    Air fruit special attack
    Water fruit special attack
    Earth fruit special attack

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    Action Figures, Comic Book, T-Shirts, Posters, Key-Chains, Stickers and much more.

    3D Figures custom Color Hybrid Instinct
    3D Figure Collactables
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    Keychains Hybrid Instinct
    Comic Book

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    Gif Animation Social Media Hybrid Instinct
    Gif Animation Social Media Hybrid Instinct
    Gif Animation Social Media Hybrid Instinct
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